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micro-carved compound polypeptide wrinkle-free lyophilized powder

micro-carved compound polypeptide wrinkle-free lyophilized powder

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    The micro-carved compound peptide anti-wrinkle lyophilized powder not only replaces the efficacy of botulinum lyophilized powder, but also has its advantages. One of the biggest features is what is effective after being introduced into the skin, and will not cause serious problems such as skin stiffness, paralysis, muscle weakness, and sagging meat.

    In terms of usage and dosage, as long as you are not satisfied with the effect after doing it, you can operate it again 15 days after the operation, without worrying about the serious human burden and side effects caused by the dosage problem!

    "Micro-carved compound peptide anti-wrinkle lyophilized powder"

    (Also known as: human blood albumin peptide freeze-dried powder)

    micro-carved compound polypeptide wrinkle-free lyophilized  powder

    Fog micro-carving principle: 

    From the outside, the atomized micro-sculpting instrument is used to fix the frame and introduce nutrients at a fixed point, so that the aging skin is supplemented with rich collagen, and the fibroblast growth factor is used to activate the skin mother cells to make the broken mesh fibers absorb collagen better At the same time, regenerate links to achieve the best wrinkle shaping effect

    The difference between the micro-carved compound polypeptide lyophilized powder anti-wrinkle and collagen stock solution and growth factor:

    The collagen directly introduced into the skin is generally extracted from animals and plants, and it will have a certain rejection phenomenon with the body. Because it is absorbed by foreign bodies, it cannot reach 100% collagen absorption at all.

    Safety issues of human blood albumin peptide lyophilized powder products

    1. There is absolutely no side effects, the raw materials are produced by regular manufacturers, and regular quality inspection reports can be provided.

    2. It does not affect the normal work of the customer. It is absolutely painless and has a fast recovery period. It is not a medical cosmetic, but it is operated on the basal layer of the epidermis. It has not been damaged by the acne. The epidermis will only be slightly smaller after the introduction. The red dot disappears naturally after a few days.

    3. There are real case model shops for reference for beauty salons.

    4. Since this product acts on the mesoderm, it does not decompose through the absorption of liver, heart, kidney and blood, so it will not cause any harm to human organs.

    5. After seven days, this product will be completely metabolized out of the body, leaving no residue in the body. The reason why this product has a long-term effect is that this product promotes its own collagen growth and is the effect of its own collagen.

    6. Will the skin be older after two years? No, once the collagen is added, the collagen will be lost again, which will take 1-2 years, so the skin will only slowly lose collagen again on the basis of wrinkle removal, which can delay aging for 3-5 years.

    7. After the operation of wrinkle removal, it will not cause epidermal allergies. Due to the direct operation to the mesoderm, the epidermis will only leave a few red dots, and it will gradually disappear in 4-7 days.
    micro-carved compound polypeptide wrinkle-free lyophilized  powder

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